Corona Notice

In order to maintain the highest level of service, we feel it is important to make you aware of the following:

  • If you have a renewal coming up or were planning to change your car soon, it is better to get this done sooner rather than later. If/when the situation worsens, factories may close temporarily, and this will slow the supply of vehicles.
  • Unlike the main dealers, everything that we do can be done remotely, so there is no requirement for direct contact.
  • This can work from initial enquiry, all the way through until delivery of the vehicle.
  • We can provide a contactless delivery from virtually every manufacturer, the vehicle will be delivered to you, the keys disinfected and passed through your door.
  • We will happily provide the following to any customer who requests it:
    • Antibacterial Gel
    • Antibacterial Spray
    • In-Car Atmospheric Sanitiser

The contacts we have are sharing the same mentality as us, and with this the deals that we supply will continue to be plentiful & of amazing value. Our service standards will not be hindered by these uncertain times, so don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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