Turn your Parking Space into Extra Cash for Christmas

So you’ve left the house for work this morning, leaving behind an empty driveway and possibly even an empty garage space…

Depending on your location, your empty space could earn you up to £200 a month!

If you live in a City Centre location, near an airport, train station, sporting or music stadium, you’re set to make yourself some serious extra cash…Of course there are income tax and insurance issues to be aware of, as well as the need to manage your possible liability. Make sure you do all the necessary research before deciding whether this is a viable, worthwhile option for you and your circumstances.

What is my space worth?

Parklet offer a really useful price guide tool on their website which will give you an estimate of how much your parking space or garage is worth based on your postcode.

The Price Guide is based on actual live contracts in the area you select and therefore it’s a true market value of what spaces are renting for today. The quality score is based on a number of factors including: the number of live contracts, the number of spaces currently available, the number of spaces they let, and more.

We had a quick look to see what the average parking space in Milton Keynes could earn you each month. Not a bad amount of money in your pocket for what would otherwise be an empty parking space…

Description Low Medium High Quality Score
All £75.81 £84.23 £92.65 7 out of 10
Parking Spaces £79.65 £88.50 £97.35 7 out of 10
Garages £63.00 £70.00 £77.00 5 out of 10





For comparison purposes, we also checked out Central London (below)

Description Low Medium High Quality Score
All £155.90 £173.22 £190.54 10 out of 10
Parking Spaces £152.68 £169.65 £186.61 10 out of 10
Garages £195.06 £216.74 £238.41 10 out of 10





We’ve listed what we believe are the most popular and trusted parking sites below. Most of which are free to advertise on and for a small fee, offer a fully managed service, including taking care of all the ‘legal stuff’ and contracts on your behalf. Sounds like a no-brainer to us!







So, go ahead…Discover whether your driveway is paved with gold. You can thank us later!


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