Top Tips For Tuning Your Vehicle

Ensuring that your car is properly tuned is highly important as it is one of the factors that determine your car’s fuel economy, engine performance, rideability, and lifespan. This is why your vehicle should be regularly retuned to ensure it remains in excellent condition.

Here are some things to consider when tuning your car:


Ensure Proper Handling

A car with good handling should have stability when making turns and going around sharp corners, while also having just the right amount of grip to allow it to slide a bit.

This is crucial as a car with too much grip can make the car lose the right trajectory, while having too little grip – on the other hand – will make the car slide too much and therefore cause a loss of control and a decrease in acceleration speed.

Some of the factors that are related to a car’s handling include the car’s specifications, the motorist’s style of driving, the centre of gravity, the total weight of the car, and the car’s chassis, among others.


The Correct Tools To Use

These are some of the tools that you will need when tuning a vehicle: screwdrivers, long-nose pliers, normal pliers, vice-grips, electrical tape, scissors, and wrenches.

If you don’t have the time or the expertise to retune your vehicle yourself, you should look for an expert mechanic to carry out the tune-up for you.

Professional mechanics will also have access to specialist tools that ordinary consumers will lack. These include engine tuning programmers, which are advanced devices that can make ordinary passenger cars more powerful and smoother to drive. This can be a quick and easy way to unleash more power from your car’s engine.

In addition, motorists can install performance chips into their vehicle engines to increase torque and boost horsepower. To make this process easier, mechanics use tuning modules that work by hooking them into the vehicle’s under-dash diagnostic connector.

Once the vehicle is ‘wired up’, all you will need to do is answer a series of yes/no questions and the programmer does the rest. When you are done, you can disconnect the programmer and enjoy your now more powerful, extra-potent vehicle.

The programming devices can be small enough to fit right into the palm of your hand, and each of them is custom developed for your make/model, so you must make sure you get the correct one for your vehicle.

Popular vehicles that can benefit from the tuning programmers available from retailers such as GAN Tuning include the Dodge Ram, Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee, and Gran Cherokee; the Ford ‘F’ series pickups and Mustang, and several GM models including the Corvette, Firebird, and Camaro.

There are several benefits to using a power programmer, which include:

  • Increased horsepower
  • Increased torque
  • Better fuel economy


A DIY Option

While some vehicle fixes should undoubtedly be left to specialists, many of the higher-end, more user-friendly vehicle tuning programmers don’t need to be operated by professional mechanics; instead, they can be used by individual consumers. This makes them an excellent option for vehicle owners who want to achieve better performance and smoother drive quality.

Of course though, tuning programmers aren’t for everyone. Firstly, you need to have a degree of technical knowledge to operate the devices correctly, while for many vehicles the appropriate device will not be available on the consumer marketplace yet.

However, if you have the required level of mechanical knowledge, and if the correct programmer for your vehicle can be purchased on the retail marketplace, then you may consider it to be a worthwhile investment.