Infographic: The 5 Electric Cars With The Longest Range


Infographic: The 5 Electric Cars With The Longest Range

Almost everyone agrees that electric cars are the future.

However, the general public have not as yet adopted electric cars en masse and made them the primary method of personal transportation.

There are various reasons for this; one of which is the perception that electric cars are too limited in terms of how much distance they can cover before they need to be recharged – which can often be a lengthy process.

Electric car manufacturers have been sensitive to this concern, and have worked hard to address it. The result is that over recent years many models of electric car have been produced which offer substantially greater ranges than was previously the case.

Our infographic rounds up the 5 electric cars which currently offer the greatest travel distance between recharge times, along with outlining their top speed, 0-60mph acceleration time, the pros and cons of each vehicle, and their budget bracket.

Professionally researched, written, and designed, all the sources are clearly stated at the bottom of the graphic, for those who wish to investigate further.

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