Infographic: 6 Top Company Cars For 2020


Infographic: 6 Top Company Cars For 2020

If you’re lucky enough to have been issued with a company car, then you’ll know how good it can feel to drive around in a quality vehicle at your employer’s expense. With leasing, insurance, and car finance all being covered – and sometimes even the costs of vehicle servicing by a quality provider like CLINE taken care of too – becoming the proud possessor of a company car can be a real perk of the job, and a deeply satisfying reward for your hard work.

As with everything in life though, nothing is perfect!

Our infographic outlines the benefits and drawbacks of having a company car, while comparing the 6 top company cars of 2020, as identified by, in an entertaining and visually striking ‘Top Trumps’ style format, which provides an eye-catching and effective way to communicate the information.

Whether you’re looking for company cars for your employees, keen to see what could be available if your employer is planning to provide one for you, or just a fan of cars (or infographics!) in general, we hope you enjoy our infographic.

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This infographic was created by Yellow Car Shop and New Frontiers Marketing.