Quick Tips for Driving In Snow & Ice

It’s getting pretty nippy out there and sub-zero temperatures makes driving a real challenge, so we thought we’d send you an email with some quick tips to help you stay safe on the roads.

Plan your journey:

Before setting off, spend some time planning your route and checking to see if there are any problems with it. Just visit Highways Agency Traffic Information and the Met Office to get all the latest traffic and weather updates.

If the weather does get as bad as the forecast says, ask yourself can your journey wait a while? If you can, stay at home and don’t risk getting caught up in the traffic. But, if you do need to head out on the road take a look at our guide below on how to drive on icy roads.

How to drive on icy roads:

  1. Make sure the windows and roof are snow and ice free, so your view doesn’t become obscured after setting off.
  2. Avoid any sudden manoeuvres, especially braking to avoid the risk of skidding; if you do skid, immediately apply your clutch and turn your steering wheel in the direction of the skid and avoid braking. We know the last one is instinct but doing so will only lock your wheels.
  3. Braking distances can increase tenfold on ice compared with a dry road, meaning you have less time to react. Keep to sensible speeds and leave a good gap between you and the vehicle in front.
  4. Remember that tyres grip less efficiently in cold conditions. So even if the temperature is above zero and there’s no ice on the road, you should take extra care.

Fingers crossed they got it wrong and its sunshine all round!

Keep safe, drive carefully and stay warm out there.